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100 years old on Sunday 15th 2013

On this site you will find information about him, his work and his life as seen though my eyes, his youngest son and in time I'm sure from the rest of his family.

He was one of the country's leading character actors of his day,
famous for his chesty cough and still well remembered 30 odd years after his death.

The site is divided into several chapters - of his life and career.
You may be interested in a few, many or all. I will be adding to the site as I can.

Tim Woolgar

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As the professor in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
All the photographs on this site are from family albums, some are from productions and the copyright owners are acknowledged on the credits page.

last updated
September 2013

This web site
was launched in 2003
to mark the
25th anniversary
of his death
on 14th July 1978