Programme Episode Transmission Role
DEATH TO THE FIRST LADY The Box Of Tricks 01/09/1956  
PLAY OF THE WEEK The Younger Generation 01/09/1959 Waiter
THE VERDICT IS YOURS The Case Of The Murdered Pawnbroker 09/09/1959 & 10/09/1959 Jack Goodman
TELEVISION PLAYHOUSE Ticket For Tomorrow 06/11/1959 Milkman
THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY A Little Knowledge! 01/01/1960  
KNIGHT ERRANT A Strong Cup Of Poison 05/01/1960  
SATURDAY PLAYHOUSE The Difficult Age 30/01/1960 Taxi Driver
TWENTIETH CENTURY THEATRE Love On The Dole 24/04/1960 Charlie
BIGGLES   13/05/1960  
BIGGLES   20/05/1960  
YORKY Letter In The Post 07/06/1960  
SKYPORT   16/06/1960  
YORKY Back To The Land 21/06/1960  
HERE'S HARRY The Dustbin 18/10/1960  
CORONATION STREET   27/01/1961 Television Man
KNIGHT ERRANT Never More The Raven 30/03/1961  
HERE'S HARRY The Request 18/05/1961  
THE YOUNGER GENERATION Flow Gently Sweet Afton 07/07/1961 Bus Driver
YORKY Raggle Taggle 06/09/1961  
THE REFEREES   02/10/1961 George, a customer
HERE'S HARRY The Birthday 05/12/1961  
HERE'S HARRY The Overdraft 12/12/1961  
HERE'S HARRY The Jacket 02/01/1962  
THE ODD MAN A Hundred Foot Of Film 01/06/1962 Pawnbroker
THE ODD MAN The Great Big Question Mark 22/06/1962 Second Warder
THE ODD MAN The House Of D'Arblay 29/06/1962 Second Warder
HERE'S HARRY The Rally 08/10/1962  
THE ODD MAN The Town That Dies At Eight 03/05/1963  
FOR KING AND COUNTRY Out There 06/08/1963 Sergeant
FRIDAY NIGHT Harold Was Alright 15/11/1963 Street Preacher
MR. PICKWICK   25/12/1963 Judge
IT'S DARK OUTSIDE More Ways Of Killing A Cat 24/01/1964  
THE VILLAINS Contraband 10/04/1964 Jem Fletcher
THE VILLAINS Over The Hill 10/07/1964 Police Constable Birkett
HERE'S HARRY The Golfer 13/10/1964  
Z CARS I Love You Bonzo 20/01/1965  
IT'S DARK OUTSIDE A Dream Of Magic - A Greed Of Money 19/03/1965  
THE MAN IN ROOM 17 The Millions Of Muzafariyah 09/07/1965  
PLAY OF THE WEEK Strife 06/09/1965 Henry Thomas
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY Stand Up, Nigel Barton 08/12/1965 Harry Barton
THE LIARS   07/01/1966  
THE STORIES OF D. H. LAWRENCE Daughters Of The Vicar 10/01/1966 John Durant
THE LIARS   21/01/1966  
THE STORIES OF D. H. LAWRENCE Jimmy And The Desperate Woman 14/02/1966 Arthur Simcock
DIXON OF DOCK GREEN Death Of A Donkeyman 19/03/1966  
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY Barlowe Of The Car Park 23/03/1966 Barlowe
THE MAN IN ROOM 17 The Black Witch 22/04/1966  
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE The Hard Word 16/05/1966 Martin
PLAY OF THE WEEK Plays Of Action 2 Blue As His Eyes The Tin Helmet He Wore 18/07/1966 Doormouse
THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE The Son 21/08/1966 Joseph Bourges
DIXON OF DOCK GREEN Fire, Sleet And Candlelight 08/10/1966  
BLACKMAIL Lone Rider 04/11/1966 Chris' Father
FOUR PEOPLE Mary Magdalene 06/11/1966 Old Man
EMERGENCY - WARD 10 Fat Annie 10/11/1966  
LOVE ON THE DOLE   17/01/1967 Mr Hardcastle
THE AVENGERS The Living Dead 25/02/1967 kermit the hermit
Z CARS The Nesbitts Are Backs - Episode 1 & 2 01/05/1967 & 02/05/1967  
THE SAINT A Double In Diamonds 05/05/1967  
MICKEY DUNNE Come On In, The Water's Fine 19/06/1967  
THE LION THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE [whole series] (10 episodes)
09/07/1967 - 10/09/1967
The Professor
HAUNTED To Blow My Name About 09/12/1967  
DOCTOR WHO The Web Of Fear (6 episodes)
03/02/1968 - 09/03/1968
Staff Sergeant Arnold
THE SPANISH FARM [whole series] (4 episodes)
06/04/1968 - 27/04/1968
DETECTIVE Robert Carmichael : The Deadly Climate 17/05/1968 Sergeant Tregear
COMBINATION   26/08/1968 Second Man
(SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE'S) SHERLOCK HOLMES The Boscombe Valley Mystery 14/10/1968  
DIXON OF DOCK GREEN The Last Look 02/11/1968  
ARMCHAIR THEATRE Go On - It'll Do You Good 03/02/1969 Higgs
Z CARS Not A Bad Lad Really - Episodes 1 & 2 14/04/1969 & 15/04/1969  
THE MAIN CHANCE The Professional 02/07/1969  
10/07/1969 - 28/08/1969
Professor Branestawm
PLEASE SIR! The Generation Gap 08/11/1969  
DIXON OF DOCK GREEN Whose Turn Next 06/12/1969  
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE The Discharge Of Trooper Lusby 28/12/1969 Trooper Lusby
MANHUNT One More River 30/01/1970  
TWO IN CLOVER "Barney the Postman and his precious coin" 10/02/1970  
KATE The Man Who Broke The Rules 10/03/1970  
W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM The Unconquered 14/05/1970 Monsieur Perrier
SATURDAY NIGHT THEATRE Slattery's Mounted Foot 20/06/1970 Jim Donaghue
PAUL TEMPLE Steal A Little Happiness 28/06/1970  
RANDALL AND HOPKIRK (DECEASED) Just For The Record 12/12/1970  
TURN OF THE YEAR The Six-Horse Accumulator 20/12/1970 Henry Selby
THE EXPERT Go Somewhere Else 24/01/1971  
HADLEIGH The Diplomat 05/03/1971  
BUDGIE Grandee Hotel 30/04/1971  
SEASONS OF THE YEAR Trial And Error 21/06/1971 Casper Berenger
ACE OF WANDS Seven Serpents, Sulphur And Salt - Episodes 1 & 2 21/07/1971 & 28/07/1971 Charlie Postle
ARMCHAIR THEATRE Man Charged 12/10/1971 Mr Grey
OWEN M.D. On The Parish 1 01/12/1971  
THE SNOW GOOSE   28/12/1971 Pinnace Captain
PLAYHOUSE Jack Squaler's Time 03/04/1972 Harry
MAN AT THE TOP You'll Never Understand Women 05/06/1972  
THE MAIN CHANCE The Killing Ground 07/06/1972  
THE ONEDIN LINE Survivor 22/10/1972  
NEW SCOTLAND YARD Hoax 05/01/1973  
A POINT IN TIME   20/02/1973 Wind
HADLEIGH The Last Rent Dinner 06/07/1973  
EMMERDALE FARM   03/09/1973 Charlie Nelson
THE DRAGON'S OPPONENT The Drawn Sword 07/10/1973  
CROWN COURT The Age Of Leo Trotsky (3 episodes)
07/11/1973 - 09/11/1973
THE ADVENTURES OF BLACK BEAUTY Goodbye Beauty 03/02/1974  
WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE LIKELY LADS? The Shape Of Things To Come 09/04/1974  
NOT ON YOUR NELLIE Bring On The Dancing Girls 19/04/1974  
CROWN COURT Strange Past (3 episodes)
18/09/1974 - 20/09/1974
SOUTH RIDING A Time To Live And A Time To Die 07/10/1974  
MICROBES AND MEN The Search For The Magic Bullet 23/10/1974  
GENERAL HOSPITAL   07/11/1974  
GENERAL HOSPITAL   14/11/1974  
GENERAL HOSPITAL   21/11/1974  
CROSSROADS Episode 2246 24/12/1974 Sam Carne (Carney)
CROSSROADS Episode 2248 31/12/1974 Sam Carne (Carney)
ARMCHAIR CINEMA When Day Is Done 07/01/1975 Old Man
CROSSROADS Episode 2263 24/01/1975 Sam Carne (Carney)
THE SWEENEY Jigsaw 30/01/1975  
CROSSROADS Episode 2292 18/03/1975 Sam Carne (Carney)
CROSSROADS Episode 2294 20/03/1975 Sam Carne (Carney)
CROSSROADS Episode 2295 21/03/1975 Sam Carne (Carney)
CROSSROADS Episode 2302 03/04/1975 Sam Carne (Carney)
CROSSROADS Episode 2336 10/06/1975 Sam Carne (Carney)
CROSSROADS Episode 2352 08/07/1975 Sam Carne (Carney)
CROSSROADS Episode 2388 09/09/1975 Sam Carne (Carney)
SHADES OF GREENE When Greek Meets Greek 09/09/1975 Scout
CROSSROADS Episode 2450 25/12/1975 Sam Carne (Carney)
THE ONEDIN LINE The Hostage 14/08/1977