The Sixties

This decade saw Jack moving from live TV at Granada into drama and the TV series that he is remembered for.

A stills photo from Biggles in 1960 has on the reverse;
JACK WOOLGAR, who plays the part of the wounded botanist, "Barlow", in the BIGGLES adventure begining on Wednesday, August 24. Jack Woolgar, a Huddersfield actor, prides himself on being able to play any character part that comes along 'whether it be crook or parson, news-vendor or secret agent, in dialect or accent, with whiskers or without."

He went on to play many character parts for the next eighteen years.

Denis Potter's 'Stand Up Nigel Barton' in 1965 (Potter's first play) aired as the Wednesday Play seemed put him on the map. Being part of what was groundbreaking TV drama. Several Wednesday Plays, Thirty Minute Theatres and Armchair Theatres followed . Memorable ones for me were Love on The Dole, Barlow of the Car Park and The Discharge of Trooper Lusby. Barlow because it spawned the phrase 'choc-o-lates...for me' much used in the Woolgar household ever since and Trooper Lusby for 'Burgoo' also much used at mealtimes.

This decade he was in an episode of a lot of the now 'cult' series and was the lead or major character in a couple of series too. Some feature films too.





Jack at the end of the 60s in donkey jacket shot for his Spotlight entry for 1969.

photo©Peter Simpkin
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Jack as Barlow the wounded botanist, with some whiskers.