Touring and Jersey

After the war and time in Kidderminster Jack joined touring companies and well... toured. In 1948 he was in Redditch. 1952 Newquay.But the most important bit in this period is that joining his company to take the lead in 'Jane Eyre' (fresh from RADA - not withstanding being a Waff in the war in between) was Elizabeth Mann. Jack gave up his room and gas fire in his digs to the young actress and moved to the attic room complete with broken window and snow flurries blowing in; the rest as they say is history.

They married in '49 and had their first child Harvey in '51 whilst in Jersey. The fable that he was named after a white rabbit is I suspect apocryphal, more likely that Jack's mother's maiden name was Harvey and Liz's maiden name Mann - hence Harvey Mann Woolgar.

Hello Harvey.

The company in Jersey included 'Smudge' Elkam, Olive Libert, Terry Denville, Ron Heming, Treena van Doorn.





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